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AO3 Work Skin: "Simple Fancy"

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So you want to have a custom layout for the podfics you've posted on AO3...

  1. Go your AO3 user dashboard.
  2. Click the "Skin" link (located under Preferences).
  3. Click the "Create Skin" button.
  4. For "Type." select "Work Skin."
  5. Give your skin a "Title."
  6. Copy-and-paste the following code into the CSS box:

  7. Click the "Submit" button. Congrats, you now have a custom work skin!
  8. Go to the "Work" you want to apply your new skin to and choose to "Edit" it (or create a new work, whatever floats your boat).
  9. Scroll down to the "Associations" metadata group located right before the "Work Text" field. Click the dropdown arrow next to the "Custom Stylesheet" field and select the skin you just created.
  10. Copy-and-paste the code below into the "Work Text" box and edit the contents of the table as appropriate for your needs:

Feel free to change up the color scheme and whatnot however you please. I just put this skin together today, so if there's something quirky about it, please let me know.

Default Color Scheme

Color by COLOURlovers

ETA: fire_juggler has posted an alternate color scheme here.
greedy_dancer has also tweaked the color scheme here.

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